Safety Consulting & OSHA Compliance Training

Affordable OSHA Safety Training Programs


Workplace Safety:

Are Your Employees at Risk of Injury?

If you've identified some workplace hazards, but overlooked others...

Yes! Your employees are at risk of injury! 


It's not your fault. Or, is it? Most organizations don't know what hazards they have. Unsafe conditions are overlooked. Why? Business owners don't have a safety background.

When an accident or OSHA inspection occurs your company may be liable for $thousands in fines & penalties – unless you are working with a third-party consultant.


D & D Safety is "the affordable" safety services company. We are experts at identifying & resolving workplace safety issues through safety audits, safety training, and comprehensive written safety programs. 

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Gain credibility. Use an independent, third-party safety company – like D & D Safety – to implement your safety program. 

On-Site Safety

Certified instructors work on location to allow for both individual & group training classes.

Fall Protection


On-location fall protection course teaches the skills to assess & fix hazards, and implement safe practices.  

Safety Audits & Mock OSHA Inspections

Identify compliance gaps and evaluate safety & health program implementations.




Custom Written Safety Programs


Our programs are tailored to the needs and requirements of your business. Materials clearly outline your company's responsibility, accountability and authority.

If you're just starting out we can help you develop written safety plans & manuals specific to your organization.

For existing safety programs we provide review and revision of your current documents to ensure they are concise, clear and correct.

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Safety Training Program Examples


  • Fall Protection

  • Personal Protection Training

  • Respiratory Protection

  • Lockout/Tagout Energy Isolation

  • Powered Industrial Trucks

  • Emergency Action Plans

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control

  • Hazard Communication

Protective Gear
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