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An OSHA Health & Safety Program is an internal system used by a business to prevent workplace accidents & illnesses and to improve the health and safety of its employees. Programs are unique to every business. Compliance with OSHA law is the program's foundation.


A safe workplace is a legal requirement mandated by OSHA. The time to address employee safety hazards is before an accident occurs.


If your business doesn't have the resources to support a full-time safety professional, it makes sense to use an independent, third-party safety company like D & D Safety. Our comprehensive safety training programs put employees and businesses on the same page regarding safe and unsafe workplace practices.


Let D & D Safety help you meet and comply with OSHA safety regulations and avoid accidents and fines.


D & D Safety is the "affordable" safety services company.

To Inquire About An OSHA Health & Safety Program:


How affordable is a safety program? That depends on the safety company and what value they bring to your business. Like other products and services, there are both expensive & cheap alternatives.


D & D Safety is focused on value.

Safety Programs Start At $1900


Cost & Services Comparison Chart
D & D Safety vs Other Companies 


Our programs are tailored to the needs and requirements of your business. Materials clearly outline your company's responsibility, accountability and authority.

If you're just starting out:

We can help you develop written safety training plans & manuals specific to your organization.

For existing safety programs:

 We provide review and revision of your current documents to ensure they are concise, clear and correct.

For Custom Safety Program Services:


Safety Manuals

Our custom written safety manuals are tailored to the needs and requirements of your business. Manuals clearly outline your company's responsibility, accountability, and authority.

Unlike other more expensive safety companies, when you sign-up for one of D & D Safety's programs you get to keep your safety manuals.

The D & D Safety Added Value...

Keep Your Safety Manuals!

Keep Safety Manuals


What is an OSHA Safety Program?

An OSHA Health & Safety Program is a set of processes and procedures designed to comply with OSHA laws and prevent conditions that cause accidents and illness in the workplace.


Does my business really need a Safety Program?

Whether a company is in the General or Construction Industry, it's important to identify potential safety issues and have a process to mitigate hazards.


Can my business do its own Safety Program?

In short, yes! Your business can hire a full-time employee dedicated to safety. Many small businesses can't afford this. If your company is in this circumstance, contact D & D Safety for help.

What's the benefit of hiring a safety consultant company like D & D Safety?

When you hire D & D Safety, you will have all the information, training, and tools to become become 100% compliant with OSHA regulations and laws. Additionally, companies who utilize third-party consulting companies have fewer accidents. 

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