How Do You Get

To 100% SAFETY?

Like most roofing companies, I am sure you've implemented a company Safety Program. You likely have 70-80% of your safety in place – right?

In the unfortunate instance of an accident or injury, your company is best positioned when you raise your safety program to 100%. 

Wouldn't you feel more
comfortable at 100% Safety?

Consider D&D Safety – we are Fall Protection training experts!

We'll close the 20-30% safety gap and bring your safety program to 100%!

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On-Site Safety

Certified instructors work on location to allow for both individual & group training classes.

Fall Protection


On-location fall protection course teaches the skills to assess & fix hazards, and implement safe practices.  

Safety Audits & Mock OSHA Inspections

Identify compliance gaps and evaluate safety & health program implementations.



Customer Testimonials

"Our company was recently hit with some heavy OSHA fines. D & D Safety was able to get our fines reduced by 55%! We have been extremely happy with D & D Safety's services, and have since used them to provide safety training and implement safety programs for our company." 

– Dan, Roofing Company in Ohio

"We recommend D & D Safety's services to any company who may need help with safety compliance, safety training and the necessary safety programs required to protect their employees." 

– Marvin, Construction Company in Ohio

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Comprehensive Safety Services

  • Written Customized Safety Programs

  • Safety Audits & Mock OSHA Inspections

  • Extensive Safety Consulting

  • Accident Prevention

  • Avoid OSHA Fines and Preventable Accidents

  • OSHA Required Training

  • Top-notch safety training delivered by experts

  • OSHA Compliance Gap Analysis

  • Services as Needed

Protective Gear
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Start An Affordable Safety Program

Expert-Level Instructors

Our professionally trained and OSHA-authorized instructors bring years of experience to your business. On-site classrooms are ideal for teams. They provide optimum learning to ensure knowledge is retained.

Presentations combine compliance requirements and best practices, along with real world applications and experiences. 

Our experts encourage every employee in your company to place safety on the same level as quality, production and profitability.

Bring Your Safety Program To 100%!
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